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Post by D4ninho on Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:48 pm

We will from time to time hold races here, we may not hold long drawn out championships but instead hold shorter series featuring a mix of tracks,weathers and times.

We do our racing on a Friday night, start time is 9pm UK time, lobby will be set up 8:45, this gives us time to get through any lobby problems others may have on the night.

Our race series will vary between 4 and 6 weeks series, all series will feature 2 races on each race night unless the series is specialised as an endurance event.

We will have a qually period before race 1 each night of 15 minutes.
Race 2 uses a "super pole", simply a 5 minute qually period.
Points will be as described in each series rules.

We do not tell you how to drive or what views to use so our restrictions are as below;

Force Interior View:  No
Force Manual Gears:  No
Force Realistic Driving Aids:  No
Allow ABS:  Yes
Allow Stability Control:  Yes
Allow Traction Control:  Yes
Damage:  Visual only
Mechanical Failures:  No
Tire Wear:  Real
Fuel Usage:  Real
Auto Start Engine:  Yes
Flags & Penalties:  Yes
Madatory pitstop: No
Fixed Setup: No

Race nights will be posted in this thread and sign in are a must, no sign in no race.

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